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Mission Statement:

Healthwise Medical Associates was founded in 2014 to serve the needs of our community as well as researchers across the country. We are driven by our desire to help pioneer new treatments in various fields of medical research. Our aim is to provide all patients access to cutting edge treatments at no cost to them. Our medical Staff is well trained in their disciplines and distinguished researchers.


Our staff:

Principal Investigator
Dr. Dominic Onyema, M.D.

Dr. Onyema is board certified in Internal Medicine and has a focus on Nephrology. He has been Principal Investigator for several sponsors in various indications including: IBS, Constiption, Diabetes, anal fissure, and Cardiovascular health. To contact him please email:

Dedicated Clinical Research Coordinators

We employ several experienced CRCs. They are all GCP trained and IATA certified. All of our CRCs are full-time and solely dedicated to research. They are skilled in phlebotomy, ECG acquisition, EDC entry, and ensuring drug and patient compliance. To learn more about our CRCs email: